Share Power by Marlene Gonzalez


1.-Model Success. Look around your organization; study the leadership methods of great leaders and how they share power to empower other.

2.-Determine Competency Level. Focus on a few critical competencies or behavior. It allows you to invest the right amount of time and energy.

3.-Set Clear Expectations. It is critical to set expectation and direction; as well as mutually agreed to goals, date lines and desired outcomes.

4.-Communicate Boundaries. It helps the person understand his or her limits and restrictions when accountable for the project.

5.-Allow Cross-Cultural Pollination. Share ideas, options and discrete feedback as often as possible to increase awareness, creativity and flexibility for different ways of thinking and doing things.

6.-Give them a Chance. Give employees opportunities to grow in their areas of expertise, and in general business knowledge that enables them to act in the best interest of the organization and its customers.

7.-Get Out of the Way. Give people room to maneuver; but be vigilant, being too hands off may have negative effects. You need to strike for a good balance.

8.-Encourage Risk Taking. Giving power to people also means risks. Help them get out of their conform zone and take educated risks. Make a conscientious effort to have employees gain experience, recognition and validation for their contributions.

9.-Be a Match Maker. Help them make the right connections by introducing them to people, networks, or contacts that may help them along the way.

10.-Create a “Power Sharing Environment”. The right environment supports people achieve their highest potential and be capable of acting on their own initiative.

Marlene González, is founder and president of Life Coaching Group LLC. She is a leader in the cutting edge industry of executive coaching, consulting and training. Her organization is dedicated to “developing leaders as a catalyst for corporate growth and a source of intellectual capital”™. Educate Latina is so proud to have her as a contributor.


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