Picture Success! by Marlene Gonzalez

1. Design Your Future. Take the time to write a clear picture of what happiness and success is for you. Write your values, goals, roles and actions you want to accomplish next year. People fail because they aren’t absolutely clear about their goals.

2. Embrace Top Priorities. For example: If you want to qualify for a promotion access your strengths and weakness, and set to work on one or two skills that would have the biggest impact on your career and improve your chances to qualify for a better position or a new job.

3. Set Aside Quality Face Time. The connectedness today is different to what it used to be in the past. Some reasons are working longer hours, higher expectations and technology. For example, family members and coworkers are not spending quality time together, but relaying more than ever before on technology to coördinate activities, and check in with each other by texting.

4. Make Strategic Choices. Remember you have 12 months, 365 days and 8760 hours. Make strategic choices about how you employ the time you have in your life.

5. Establish Effective Planning Routine. Use a good tool, use technology. For example plan for the most important events for each of the roles in advance such as vacation, meetings and conventions just to name a few.

6. Create Ways to Get Things Done. Develop an ongoing process of prioritizing and accomplishing things. Every night, make a list of what you want to accomplish the next day. Have a master list, a monthly list, a weekly list and a daily list.

7. Seek for Synchronicity. It is very powerful to synchronize calendars ahead of time. A priority matrix helps set clear expectation about whom and what events you will be attending; this prevents you from missing important events or disappointing people. If you will not be attending an important event say so, make an apology, and avoid being manipulated or feeling guilty about it. If possible make it up to that person next time.

8. Anticipate Risks. Great results do not happen by accident. Instead, successful people take risks; use detailed and flexible plans to plot their course and direction of their personal and professional lives as companies do.

9. Celebrate. Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge everyone’s participation when a milestone is accomplished, show appreciation and thank them.

10. Be Flexible. Even with a good plan there are things that will take you off course. Be Flexible. Success requires adaptability, flexibility and the constant monitor of results and continually adapting to changing conditions. After all it is your life and you and only you determine what makes you happy and successful.

Marlene González, is founder and president of Life Coaching Group LLC. She is a leader in the cutting edge industry of executive coaching, consulting and training. Her organization is dedicated to “developing leaders as a catalyst for corporate growth and a source of intellectual capital”™. Educate Latina is so proud to have her as a contributor.


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