Ten tips to rock it at work




  1.    Follow your bliss. It is not the path to becoming rich. However, that does not mean that you must spend your life doing a job you hate in order to earn a good wage.
  2.  Acknowledge tradeoffs. There are some sacrifices you would have to make such as relocating, traveling or working the night shifts.
  3.  Produce more. Those who produce more results are paid more.
  4.   Combine the best of two worlds. At work males are more practical, take more risks and complete more projects; women look for approval, support and connection.
  5.  Ask for a promotion, project or special assignments. Men feel more comfortable asking for promotions and have higher job aspirations. By and large, they are still the family breadwinners. Women don’t receive more promotions because they don’t ask for them.
  6. Take on bigger responsibilities. Those who assume more responsibility earn more than those who have a more limited perception of their roles.
  7. Travel extensively on the job. Traveling for work is unappealing to many people because it takes them away from their families, so companies pay more to those who are willing to hit the road.
  8. Tenure matters. Continuous years of service in a company make a difference in organizational pay scale.
  9.  A line of work makes a difference. To earn more, choose your line of work carefully. Women in male-dominated fields advance more quickly and earn as much or more. Women who are in supporting roles, manufacturing or services earn less.
  10.  Be self-assured. Self-respect comes from your strength, not from your fears or weakness. Self-esteem comes from believing and trusting yourself. And self-worth comes from knowing what you are worth.

Marlene González, is founder and president of Life Coaching Group LLC. She is a leader in the cutting edge industry of executive coaching, consulting and training. Her organization is dedicated to “developing leaders as a catalyst for corporate growth and a source of intellectual capital”™. Educate Latina is so proud to have her as a contributor.


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